Ebi Gold product range

for aquascaping, planted aquarium tanks and shrimp tanks

Did you know? All the Ebi Gold Soils are premium quality, manufactured directly in Japan (not other Asia) and as far as we know it is the only aquarium Soil which is produced with ISO9001 quality management, so we can give a guarantee for same contents and granule size all the time - very important for shrimp breeders and keepers. Another important fact is, Ebi Gold Soils will not raise the Ammonium/NH4 to a critical level, like a lot of other 'premium' soils do. Easy to use also for beginners!

Shrimp & Waterplant Soil

Selected and introduced in 2006, Ebi Gold Soil is available in 4 different types for every aquarium tank (ShrimpSoil. WaterplantSoil, WaterplantSoil powder and WaterplantSoil natural brown). Lowers the hardness and pH of the water and brings a great biological activity into the tank.


Developed from two japanese and one taiwanese shrimp breeder. All contents are high grade quality with only a small content of seaweed. Our focus is to feed the shrimps with natural and biological useful contents for best colors, proper molting and health.


ayaka mineral powder is considered by Japanese shrimp breeders as a safe method for a strong whiteness and best health of shrimp. The Ebi Gold ayaka mineral is a highly pure, with calcium and 9 other minerals enriched water additive. It is a high-purity clay mineral mixture from Japan that supplies the Red Bee shrimp with natural minerals, necessary for well-being and also for the white color pigments.

Aquascaping Tools

Various tweezers, scissors, the great Ebi Gold Wave Tool and mini nets. Especially made for aquaristic purposes, fit well in the hand and allow fatigue-free working thanks to their rounded handles and the well-balanced center.


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